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The success of our custom pool designs can be measured by the growth of our company.  Throughout the many years we have been in business, we have steadily grown and it has been mostly through client referrals.  We treat your project as though it were for one of our own backyards.

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We believe no dream is too small or too ambitious for your backyard.


You will work one-on-one with our expert pool designer.  Our designer will learn about your vision, your backyard space, your budget, and your timeline.  Then we will create a unique plan to make your dream a reality.

​​​​ We are the Tallahassee Representative for Paragon Pools. Paragon is a full service inground pool construction company that specializes in creating the perfect dream back yard for their customers. They go the extra mile to ensure that every backyard project is completed to your satisfaction.  Please visit their web site at www.paragonpoolsonline.com

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